Nothing makes Cedar happier than a visit with her cousins. Last week Logan and Kelly celebrated 10 years of marriage and on their way to dinner, they dropped off the boys to play. It almost didn't work out because Eli was a mess that day. He cried on and off all afternoon and come to find out he had a double ear infection. Poor guy. When I mentioned to Cedar that Eli might be sick and that River and Mason might not be able to come, she got so upset and said, "mommy, you make Cedar sad!".....seriously, how could I say no?! Luckily Todd came home promptly to help so I could give Eli more attention. Cedar had a blast and so did the boys. It was drizzling out but that didn't stop us from visiting the goats that live next door. We timed it perfectly and showed up just as they were being fed.
Afterwards we walked around the field, checked out the workshop's new doors, shook tree branches and laughed as we got wet, went on a snake hunt, ran around the kitchen island 35 times and ended the evening with icecream and m&ms. So fun!

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kelly said...

Love these shots so much. Cute updates!