Has it really been that long?

I know I've done this before but are you there? I abandoned this space didn't I? I just started blogging again and began another blog to give me a kick in the ass to get back into photography. Bleh. I think I like it here better though, just need to play around with blogger and the format. In other news, Cedar just turned 4! She's going to school and acting like such a big kid. Eli is no longer a baby and before we know it he'll be turning 2. Wow, it blows my mind how fast that went. He loves his books and his afternoon naps. I'll be back with more to share soon!


Horses and hounds, oh my!

It's that time of year when the fox hunters make their way through our woods. I have a love/hate relationship with them. Seeing the horses and the riders in their fancy coats is beautiful, but they cause such a stir in the woods. The hounds don't seem like the brightest dogs either and are always getting lost and running into each other. I seriously doubt they'd ever catch a fox and I don't like the idea of that. Thankfully there is no killing, it's just the tradition of it for the riders. The hounds run circles around the woods trying to follow a scent and this sends Willow into orbit. She goes into a barking frenzy which ends up waking the baby and causes the inside of our house to go into a frenzy. Last year I heard the infamous horn calling the dogs in the distance and quickly put Willow in our car. It was the only place I could think of where she would be safe from the pack and where we wouldn't hear her. Cedar has come to love the fox hunters though and gets giddy when she hears the horn. I mean giddy! This particular day she requested a camera to take photos. Yes, I have trained her well. :) She ran upstairs and pulled out an underwater camera case that she could use. I had no idea she knew it was there but she couldn't wait to point and shoot with it. She was all about taking photos. Hmmm? I think it's about time we get her a real camera! I'd love to see her photos. So we bundled up and waited on the deck for the riders to come by. Here's our budding photographer in action:

Eye see you!!
Unfortunately most of the group had already passed, but we did see one rider, one horse and one lost hound!



A sunny spot for a diaper change. Eli, 5 months.


Cedar at 2 1/2 and Eli at 5 months

"be nice to your brother and you can have a lollipop"


Apparently Cedar is a little adrenaline junky! Here she is with Todd going down the hill in front of my folk's house. Good times in the pink sled. I just love her little laugh. ;)

snow day with our little girl

Cedar got a big kick out of the snow last Saturday. Here she is in her pink sled from her pop pop. I went outside to snap a few photos then ran back inside to be by the woodstove with Eli. It was raw out! Stubborn girl who insisted on taking off her gloves. Sometimes there is no reasoning with a two year old either!
and here's Eli chewing away inside…Our little man is 5 months now. Time is a flyin'!

all the pretty leaves

It's so gorgeous around here lately. The leaves are in their peak color change and I love to photograph the bright blue sky with all the yellows, oranges and reds. Last Saturday we even got a surprise October snow. I put on my boots and walked around our property listening and watching the snow stick to the leaves.I'm happy that we'll be able to enjoy Fall here in VA. We have decided to postpone our departure to the UK until January. We just got our visas and next we'll need to find a place to live. Todd will be heading over soon to scout out some places.Aren't they cute? :) Probably the best picture ever taken of Cedar. Go figure! I was running a toy car over the photographer's head and she thought it was hilarious.


Fascinating fungi

Todd pulled the car over this morning so I could jump out and take a few photos of these funky orange mushrooms. I've had my eye on them all week. We've had so much rain and it's made the mushrooms sprout up everywhere. These clusters were at the base of an oak tree on my uncle's farm. Hmmm? Wonder if they make an audobon mushroom app?


4 months old

and not too wild about a button down shirt!



I love the early morning light that filters into our house as the sun rises. I love the warm shadows and the stillness. This is how I begin my day. Taking a moment to enjoy the tiny details that are so easily overlooked.

and today there was this nice surprise...

ball to mouth

hmm..what's this thing?
oooo, I like the holes...
let me get a closer look....